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Michigan attorney estate planning

Can’t I Just Write My Own Will?

Michigan attorney estate planning

Americans (and especially Michiganders) tend to be a do-it-yourself crowd. Why should we pay for something we can do ourselves? A plumber would probably answer that the cost of fixing a botched DIY job tends to be a lot more than hiring a professional in the first place. For a beneficiary trying to resolve a botched DIY estate planning job, though, the stakes can be much higher. In worst case scenarios, a person’s dying wishes could even be rendered moot because of a failure to properly record them.

delinquent property taxes foreclosure

Death and (Property) Taxes

delinquent property taxes foreclosure

Benjamin Franklin knew that two things were certain: death and taxes. For Michiganders owning real property, that’s especially true. Michigan statutes on delinquent property taxes (the General Property Tax Act) establish a process for notifying property owners that their taxes are late and that if they aren’t paid by a date certain, forfeiture and foreclosure will follow.

Michigan marriage divorce rates

Love is in the air?! Michigan divorce rates on decline

Michigan marriage divorce rates

Believe it or not, Noud & Noud is happy to share that Michigan’s divorce rate has decreased over the last half-century, from 6.7 in 1970 down to 5.8 in 2016. And it’s been steadily decreasing since 2010.

Unfortunately, we can’t attribute the trend to premarital counseling, equal partnerships or more frequent date nights. Rather more and more Michigan residents are choosing not to get married at all, while those who do, are taking longer to get to the altar.

According to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDCH), marriages are down from 91,933 in 1970, to 59,383 in 2016.  That is a decrease in the marriage rate (based on number of persons married per 1,000 population) from 20.7 to 12.0. The Ingham County marriage rate is 12.9, slightly above the state rate.

Noud & Noud successfully represent wrongful death lawsuits

When someone dies due to the fault (accidental or intentional) or negligence of another person or entity, those who suffer damages and survive the deceased may be able to bring a wrongful death lawsuit. Lawsuits can be brought against individuals, businesses, product manufacturers and other legal entities responsible for the death.

When “fault” matters in “no fault” divorce

Although “no fault” divorce became law in Michigan in 1972, the court may consider fault when dividing marital assets or when one party asks for spousal support or alimony. “No fault” divorce means you don’t need to prove that your spouse was “at fault,” or did anything wrong to have the court grant you a divorce.

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