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Michigan marriage divorce rates

Love is in the air?! Michigan divorce rates on decline

Michigan marriage divorce rates

Believe it or not, Noud & Noud is happy to share that Michigan’s divorce rate has decreased over the last half-century, from 6.7 in 1970 down to 5.8 in 2016. And it’s been steadily decreasing since 2010.

Unfortunately, we can’t attribute the trend to premarital counseling, equal partnerships or more frequent date nights. Rather more and more Michigan residents are choosing not to get married at all, while those who do, are taking longer to get to the altar.

According to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDCH), marriages are down from 91,933 in 1970, to 59,383 in 2016.  That is a decrease in the marriage rate (based on number of persons married per 1,000 population) from 20.7 to 12.0. The Ingham County marriage rate is 12.9, slightly above the state rate.

A closer look at Ingham County marriage statistics reveals 42% of men and 39% of women in Ingham County are married, compared to 46% percent of men and 41% of women who have never been married.

Further, those getting married in Michigan are taking longer to make it official. Today young adults are waiting six years longer to get married on average than in 1967. Since 1967 the median age for first marriages in Michigan has increased from 22 to 28 for first-time grooms, and from 20 to 27 for first-time brides.

The upward trend in median age at first marriage could be a result of the increase in college degrees among 25 to 29-year-olds from about 15 percent to 34 percent, and/or the increased delay in childbearing among young adults, according to U.S. Census Bureau.

Despite the downward trend in the Michigan divorce rate, there were still 782 Ingham County divorces and 28,916 Michigan divorces reported in 2016 by MDCH.

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