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Mason Dangerous & Defective Products Lawyer

As consumers, we all have basic rights that no one should design, build or sell us a dangerous or defective product. While this may seem like common sense, our experience has shown that manufacturers may frequently fail to warn consumers of the dangerous aspects of their products or even let quality control falter to the extent where a common household appliance becomes a potential danger.

At Noud and Noud, we are determined that none of our clients should be injured by a dangerous or defective product without recovering from that injury, and we will fight to reach the best possible outcome for you.

Dangerous and defective products may take many forms. Perhaps a blender was designed well, but then the factory failed to assemble it properly. Or maybe a designer failed to take into account that at certain speeds the blender can break, sending glass flying throughout your kitchen. Or maybe even the manufacturer failed to notify purchasers that their new type of blender can cause injury if handled during operation. Any of these situations could yield an injury for you and a manufacturer who gets off scot-free unless you have an attorney fighting for your rights. At Noud and Noud, we know these cases and know the best strategies to take to ensure your recovery.

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