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Mason Motorcycle, Pedestrian & Bicycle Accidents Lawyer

All it takes is one accident to turn a beautiful day’s walk or ride into a nightmare. And pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicycle riders often face a unique set of injuries and circumstances that require the expertise that the attorneys of Noud and Noud provide.

Traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, amputations and lost limbs, loss of hearing or vision, severe burns and scars, broken bones and fractures and wrongful death or fatalities are all outcomes we’ve seen occur from accidents involving pedestrians or riders. And it is important to know exactly what injuries you or your family member has faced as a result of their accident. At Noud and Noud, we take the extra steps to make sure that any and all claims are fully investigated before we reach an agreement with an insurer. And we seek to reopen cases if conditions come to light later.

Michigan law permits motorcyclists over the age of 21 who carry extra health insurance coverage and take a safety course to decide for themselves whether or not conditions require them to wear a helmet. In a courtroom or while dealing with an insurance company, however, this law can have many unexpected consequences as an insurer seeks to argue that the injured party fell afoul of the law. At Noud and Noud, we examine every aspect of the accident and the law to fight for our clients’ rights and recoveries. We are here for you.

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