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Mason Slip & Fall Accidents Lawyer

At Noud and Noud, we know that your slip and fall accident is no laughing matter. Serious injuries can occur from sometimes small, even seemingly insignificant causes like a small patch of ice, small puddle of water or even a businesses’ failure to maintain a clean set of steps. No matter how small of a thing it might seem to the parties who cause a slip and fall, the consequences to the victims can be severe.

Our attorneys understand that there’s no such thing as a “small” bit of negligence that leads to injury. And we understand that negligence of any kind if it leads to an injury, should be investigated and redressed.

Please remember, you have rights. And these rights include the right to go for a walk, to shop and to recreate yourself without having to bear the risks of negligently maintained businesses. So if you have a slip and fall, even if you feel you bear part of the blame, call us for a free consultation. Because of our no recovery, no fee policy, there’s literally no risk to you to get more information and explore your options. We are here for you.

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